Armwrestlers ONLY (AO) is a site devoted to all things related to the organized armwrestling. It was founded by Tomasz Wisniowski in January 2013.

Armwrestling 24h + AHC = Armwrestlers ONLY 

Since 2010 Tomasz run several websites devoted to all things related to the organized armwrestling. Sites; Armwrestling 24h and Armwrestling History Channel (AHC) are not existing anymore, and all most important informations and articles has been moved to Armwrestlers ONLY.

Tomasz was a founder & editor of Armwrestling 24h (2010-2012), and co-founder & editor of Armwrestling History Channel (AHC) (2012-2013).

In August 2013, Magnus Westberg from Sweden, has started writing for AO. In a column, ARM SCIENCE by Magnus Westberg, he was writing an articles about supplementation for armwrestlers.

In April 2014, an enthusiast of armwrestling history research,  Eric Roussin from Canada had joined AO, where he published his works for over a year. Since September 2015 Eric has started run his own website devoted exclusively to the sport's history: The Armwrestling Archives, where he publishes all his work.

At the beginning of 2018 Armwrestlers ONLY has changed it's character. From a personal blog it's turning into a GROUP / TEAM promoting armwrestling under own names.

Malin Kleinsmith, a multipl armwrestling champion from Sweden has joined the blog to promote female armwrestling!

Also write for AO


During the years AO had always support from people from armwrestling community.

Such personalities as; John Brzenk, Lori Cole, Bill Colins, Charlie Minell, Neil Pickup, Devon Larratt, Randy Thornburg, Steve Stanaway, Engin Terzi, Anthony Dall'Antonia, Fabio Nimis, John Woolsey, or Fabrizio Castellani helped in the popularization and promotion of armwrestling.