19 Oct 2017



​During the golden age of strongmen around the turn of the twentieth century, one place seemed to produce more than its share of formidable strength competitors than anywhere else on earth: the Canadian province of Quebec. Why was this? It is believed that Quebec was a “cradle of strongmen” due to the lifestyle of the ancestry of the French-speaking population. Life during the early days of Quebec was hard. Many men worked seven days a week during the summer plowing the land and during the frigid winters they worked in the forest as lumberjacks. Physical strength was an integral part of life; great strength became revered. It is no wonder that this environment, combined with the availability of abundant natural, healthy foods, produced several impressive specimens of strength.

17 Oct 2017

Another stolen photo by iGNORANT

How many times I have to ask, remind you...?

Another of my photos was stolen/used to promote event without asking/informing me, without my permission, it was used and no credit was given to my work.

It seems like for some people in armwrestling community it's natural thing to steal someone's work and use it in promotion as it own.

Yes.. During the years I have experienced that very often, and always is the same story: I did not know, I will add info about you Mr Wisniowski... or people simply ignore my messages.

Normally, I have no problem when people ask me for permission of using my images and giving a credit to my work, but I hate ignorants / thiefs.

Here are some of my experiences during the years:

The newest Example..
Image used by SAW - Shanghai Arm Wrestling to promote event,  whoever made this banner... he/she used it (stolen) without informing me, and as always no credit was given to my work. I contacted people related to this event, they read my messages and ignore it.

Another example...
Image was stolen from my website, watermark was removed and without any credit to my work it was published in 20 MINUTOS, a local newspaper, in Madrid, Spain. Here is link to on-line version of the newspaper www.20minutos.es.

The person, who stole my image, removed watermark and send it to the newspaper is on the image (on right side). I know that because I have contacted newspaper, and I been told by them that person who sent them image with text to article, said that own copyrights of the image.

16 Oct 2017

Edwin Gonzalez vs Mike Ayello

photo: Mike Ayello / instagram

Story of image Gonzalez vs Ayello.

  • Mike Ayello: "I came across this pic of Edwin Gonzalez. His dad contacted me and Team NYC from the show Game of Arms, said hes a huge fan of the show and would mean the world to him if he met us. I remember walking into his hospital room and him going OMG it's Mike Ayello!!! The kid just had chemo and radiation and was happy to meet a douche bag like me? Weird feeling. Anyway keep doing good shit and working hard bc ya never know who your inspiring and who's watching. Your kids, Kids like Edwin. Just a reminder to everyone having a shitty Monday morning. Cheer up 👊 See post on Instagram.

By Tomasz Wisniowski

12 Oct 2017

The UAL, back with a purpose... read on Puller Magazine

Puller Magazine, is a new armwrestling website run by Giordano Cruz. I invite you to visit PullerMag, and here is the first article with interview, with Bill Collins talking UAL Back.

"While we were riding the high of being on television, collecting huge prize money and hammers, and telling all our friends and family members to look out because Armwrestling is on ESPN now and is soon going to be huge, one of our most beloved leagues to ever exist in the world of American Armwrestling called it quits. How could this be? A company that was nationally the biggest name in Armwrestling competition was done? Was the support from the Armwrestling community no longer there? Was it due to the competition offering larger payouts and television exposure? Or was the task of competing against such a large entity with a seemingly endless supply of finances too daunting? We may never know. One thing we know for sure is the gravy train is over for now. No $20k payouts, no big corporate sponsors and no face time on ESPN…….. for now. Will we ever see the consistent exposure that us as Armwrestlers and athletes need to make traveling and competing at events around the country viable? The UAL may be the answer for the future and as of now looks like our only hope.