30 Mar 2017

Armwrestling on PETRIe

PETRIe Editorial & Features Director Elena Stanciu explores the Arm-Wrestling world through the visual language of photographer Tomasz Wisniowski.

"Arm-wrestling is a fierce and highly-addictive combat sport. Despite it apparently involving only one part of the body, it actually activates the body and mind entirely, propelling the two combatants into an all-encompassing rush of energy and drive. Every angle of every joint in a competitor's arm is significant. The sport is associated with raw, sharply-focused strength that often sets a tone of superhumanity, channelled from an otherworldly dimension. This is what North-Western UK-based photographer Tomasz Wisniowski looks for, in his recent photographic project, Arm-Wrestling – a glance into the superhuman..."  read more on:  www.petrieinventory.com