18 Nov 2015

X-MEN Armwrestling 2015 - PHOTOS

Photographs from X-MEN Armwrestling 2015 taken by Tomasz Wisniowski are available on VISNIA PHOTOS. Event was held on November 7th in London, England.  To see the results please visit xmen-armwrestling.com.

2 Sep 2015


"I haven't maintained Armwrestlers Only in recent months, as I've been spending much of my free time developing a new website devoted exclusively to the sport's history: The Armwrestling Archives.

Armwrestlers Only will remain online, but new content will cease to (or seldom) be created. The articles relating to the sport's history will be removed from the site as they are now available on The Armwrestling Archives.

30 Aug 2015

X-Men Armwrestling LONDON 2015

This is the official program for the International Comp├ętition “X-MEN ARMWRESTLING LONDON 2015”, 4th EDITION

30 Jul 2015


“To me, arm-wrestling is the closest thing to a fistfight, and Travis Bagent is the hardest dude in the room.”

Travis “The Beast” Bagent is no stranger to cockiness in The Pit. But at the World Armwrestling League’s 2015 regional championship on ESPN2 Wednesday night, that swagger got turned on its head.

Nick Zinna, a 33-year-old tank mechanic from Missouri, easily dispatched Bagent in the south right arm super heavyweight competition, shaking up the WAL’s established order and putting the rest of his weight class on notice in the lead up to the WAL 2015 championship.

After referee Bart Wood strapped the two men up early in the match, Bagent blasted out of the gate in the first pull.

2 Jul 2015

Vendetta in Vegas, July 12

"The Professional Armwrestling League (PAL), the worldwide leader in the sport, launches its 2015 American campaign with “Vendetta in Vegas” card Sunday, July 12, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. 

The card will be televised internationally and domestically on the CBS Sports Network.

This is the first in a series of regularly scheduled cards in Las Vegas under the PAL USA banner.

PAL USA presents the top open division competitors from more than 40 countries in North America, Europe and Asia, both men and women, in weight categories ranging from bantamweight to super heavyweight. 

10 Jun 2015

Armwrestling John - Engin: Message from John Brzenk

Some time ago John Brzenk has left the discussion group on facebook, Armwrestling John - Engin, This discussion group was founded by him and Engin Terzi few years ago. Today, 10 June 2015, he posted an info on fb asking his fans for a favor:

Message from John Brzenk on facebook:

"I need to ask a favor of anyone listed as a friend that belongs to the armwrestling group John- Engin. 
I have requested that my name be removed from this group.

7 Jun 2015

PULL Magazine

"Our mission at PULL is to provide global coverage of armwrestling which is not limited to any one country, club or federation.

27 Feb 2015