23 Jan 2018


"We are sure that every participant of the Professional World Cup and a Disabled World Cup pay attention to the armwrestler from Armenia Sargis Stepanyan and admired the strength of this athlete.

A soldier defending the border of his country returns to save a friend, but gets on the mine and receives serious injuries. Sargis Stepanyan becomes the National Hero of Armenia.

Anna Mazurenko: Is it difficult to be an example for others?

Sargis Stepanyan: No, by my example I want to prove that I'm not a superman. I am an ordinary man just like thousands of people around me who can repeat my achievements. It is only necessary to inspire their faith in themselves and their will to win.

22 Jan 2018

Malin Kleinsmith

I feel honoured to write for Armwrestlers ONLY! My name is Malin Kleinsmith, and I have been in the sport of armwrestling since 1994. I started when I was in a youth club and won an armwrestling competition there. After that, I was stuck. 

VIDEO from Arm Battle of Sweden 2018 – Vaios Anthoulis vs Vladisvlas Krasovskis (Right and Left)

/ Tomasz Wisniowski

21 Jan 2018

Alexandru Grumeza about the plans for Moldovan Armwrestling for 2018

In 2017, the National Armwrestling Federation of Moldova registered its first year of activity as an official structure, recognized by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Sport. We would like to mention the following activities at national level:

1. The organization of the first National Championship where 95 athletes participated;

2. The establishment of partnerships with a number of fitness halls where we have spent amateur championships;

3. The development of University Championships at the largest Universities in the country (University of Physical Education and Sports and University of Medicine and Pharmacy); but also in a high school in the capital ("Spiru Haret"); also more sports events in the provinces.

4. It was possible to establish a partnership relationship with a national coverage television (ImpactTV), which broadcasts live all the events organized by the Federation, including the launch of the weekly "Armfight Live on ImpactTV", where every Saturday, directly from the plateau they broadcast super-matches of moldovan athletes

5. In collaboration with the Department of Penitentiary Institutions and with the Norwegian Expert Mission to Promote Law Enforcement in the Republic of Moldova, using the "ARMWRESTLING" sports discipline, a large-scale social project was developed to promote healthy lifestyle and sport among prisoners.

"I am my own coach" - Eric Hoppe

On Disabled World Cup - Poland, Eric Hoppe talks with Anna Mazurenko about his passion.
What a spirit... POWER Eric !

Here is an interview:

Anna: You run the www.badenbisons.de website, what’s it about?

Eric: Baden – Bisons is the name of the club where the KSV – Ispringen armwrestlers train. At present there are 20 of us actively training in the club, in different weight and age categories, and I’m the only disabled armwrestler.

Anna: How does your training work?

Eric: I train four times a week. I train my strength three times a week and spar at the table with the other guys once a week. I also do speed and endurance workouts. I am my own coach. I have mastered the techniques well enough to get results at tournaments. My family gives me a lot of support, my father goes with me to major tournaments and gives me mental and moral support.

20 Jan 2018

Gala of Armwrestling Moldova 2017

The Moldovan Armwrestling Gala was celebrated with style in Chisinau. On January 12, 2018, the National Armwrestling Federation of Moldova made its 2017 totals!

After a year in which they won a lot of medals at the European and World Championships, the athletes were awarded by the Federation with diplomas, cups and gifts. About 55 people nominated for various categories, including the best athletes, coaches, referees, and other people who contributed to the promotion of this sport, were mentioned, and more than half of them were awarded with valuable prizes from evening partners: Rinaldi House, Avon, Daria Room, ZOOVIP, McDonals, Petrovskaia Sloboda, Burn, MedGlobalFarm and ElitConstruct!

19 Jan 2018

How to make womens armwrestling bigger!

         (Me and my daughter - be a role model to the younger)

In Sweden woman’s armwrestling is nearly as big as the men’s, and it is growing every year. We have a great team with woman going to the World championships and Europeans, we usually place in the top 3 with the team points in these competition. In Sweden it´s not extra ordinary for a woman to armwrestle. 

During the years I have been talking to women from other countries about how to make women armwrestling bigger in their countries. 

Some of them had said ”The prize money in the competitions are so low, its not as big as the mens, its unfair”or ”They only have a few weight classes for the womens, so I don’t want to participate” or ”nobody cares about us women, only about the men”

My opinion is this. First of all, Sweden is one of the most equal countries to live in (equal between woman and men). So I think it is naturally easier for a woman to start with a ”man dominated sport” than some other countries where the equality isn’t the same. But let´s focus on what we CAN do. 

17 Jan 2018

"Viking Arms" - International Open Armwrestling Tournament - February 2nd - 4th

Fefor Høifjellshotell Presents: Viking Arms Armwrestling Tournament!
February 2-4 February 2018 in Vinstra, Norway. 

Open for all Nordic Countries: 
(Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland).

Special Guest: Devon Larratt

16 Jan 2018

The arm battle of Sweden 2018 – womans classes

During last weekend the competition “The arm battle of Sweden” was held in Brickhouse training center in Kallhäll, Sweden. It was the armwrestler Mattias Zografos that arranged this competition. I helped a little bit, especially with the womens class.

For the mens classes he invited some armwrestlers from abroad to challenge armwrestlers from Sweden. It was great matches. But I will focus on the womens classes.

In the womens classes we pulled “Round Robin”-style (all the armwrestlers met the others once, and then you see who has won most matches in the end). We had from the beginning invited several armwrestlers from abroad also for the womans. But most of them cancelled due to either health problems or other things. So we had a pure Swedish class, EXCEPT for the excellent Brigitta Ivanfi from Hungry.